As Damar Hamlin’s Injury Continues to Reverberate, Harriton High School Holds CPR Event


Harriton High School is advocating CPR skills among students — and the public. The intention is to spread knowledge of the procedure and avert tragedies like that which befell Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. 6abc reported the awareness event.

The Bryn Mawr high school recently held a “CPR jukebox marathon.” It involved students, families, and members of the community working together to log 200,000 chest compressions — a vital CPR technique — in four hours.

Sam Wizov, a Harriton junior, was part of the event.

His participation had deeper significance: He nearly drowned at nine years old and was resuscitated by an CPR-trained uncle.

“I was under the water for 10 minutes before someone grabbed me. My uncle, who saved my life, did CPR for 26 minutes while the AED and ambulance came. I woke up, and it changed my life,” Wizov recounted.

“We’re making it easier for a young person or an adult to not be afraid if someone was to go down,” said Jenn Parrado, Executive Director of Simon’s Heart, a Conshohocken educational foundation.

“We saw Damar Hamlin go down in January,” she continued. “He had an elite team around him who knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and where to do it.”

More on Harriton High School and its CPR training is at 6abc.

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