West Chester’s Andiario Among Growing Number of Restaurants Leaving Classic Menus Behind

Anthony Andiario cooking in kitchen
Image via Andiario.

Andiario in West Chester is among the growing number of restaurants that are foregoing classic menus in favor of meals selected in advance by the chef, writes Matthew Korfhage for AOL

Chef Anthony Andiario made the transition at his Italian-influenced farm-to-table restaurant out of necessity during the first year of the pandemic. By the next Valentine’s Day, he was enjoying prix fixe menus so much that he realized he had no desire to go back to normal. 

Andiario already had plenty of loyal diners and orgiastic acclaim, both local and nationwide. Yet even before the pandemic, his work was taking over his life. 

“It was spinning out of control,” said Andiario. 

The pandemic afforded him the time to reflect and an opportunity to “rein it back in” and remember why he became a chef in the first place. 

Now, he makes weekly menus based on what local farmers have in stock and what is in season at the time. Together with his partner, Maria van Schaijik, Andiario is also planting his own crops. 

The new system is working flawlessly and has garnered him some of the greatest acclaim of his career. 

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Andiario is one of Inquirer Food Critic Craig LaBan’s picks for Top 10 restaurants in the Philadelphia region in 2021.

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