Hatboro Pizzeria Turns Ugly Incident Into Examples of Forgiveness, Forbearance, Goodwill

Amy's Pizzeria staff
Image via Kimberly Paynter at WHYY.
Omar Quiñonez and Kelyn Flores, of Amy's Pizzeria, Hatboro.

Local, national, and even international goodwill toward Amy’s Pizzeria in Hatboro brought positivity to a recent, ugly, social media rant, reported Emily Rizzo at WHYY.

On Feb. 24, a female customer verbally abused business owner Omar Quiñonez. She used racial slurs to berate him for airing a Spanish-language program on the shop’s television.

She then posted the invective on Twitter, garnering 4.8 million views.

The encounter angered Quiñonez, but he remained calm.

He said he wanted to show her respect, commenting, “We’re all human beings.”

That response — combined with general public outrage over the incident — has yielded a flood of support for Quiñonez and his business partner spouse, Kelyn Flores.

“We’ve had phone calls from Germany, England, Poland, and Spain, and South America. It has been really, really nice,” Quiñonez said.

The couple has also been swamped with pizza orders from well-wishers eager to see the business thrive.

The influx of has been almost too much for the shop to accommodate.

“A lot of people, they drive an hour, two hours just to come over here and buy a slice of pizza or say Hi,” Quiñonez said. “That’s a really good thing.”

Hatboro police are still investigating.

More on the good that has resulted from the unfortunate encounter at Amy’s Pizzeria is at WHYY.


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