Couple Living on School Bus Get Help from Strangers in Pottstown  

Image via iStock.

A couple living on a school bus got assistance from good Samaritans in Pottstown. Lana Bean and Chris Morgan, both 41 years old met in 2014. Since June, they’ve been driving across the country with their three dogs from Michigan to Massachusetts, writes Rachel Ravina for The Reporter.  

Their bus broke down in Pottstown on their way back to Pennsylvania to get insulation. They told The Reporter someone gave them $50 and someone else offered Morgan money to work on his roof.  

The couple has been dealing with quite a hardship. Bean was diagnosed with lymphoma a few years ago and has been homeless for two decades. Morgan has had his own battle with addiction. All those health problems on top of vehicle issues have been weighing on the couple.  

In October, they were gifted a hotel stay. It’s the kindness of strangers that has helped this couple get back on the road to Bean’s hometown in Massachusetts.  

Read more about this couple’s struggle with homelessness and their stay in Pottstown in The Reporter.  

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