Ardmore Business Sounds Like a Sweet Shop; It’s Not, But Its Services Are Pretty Sweet

Ardmore Float and Freeze sounds like a candy store
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Main Line Float and Freeze in Ardmore sounds like an ice cream parlor. But it’s actually a spa-like center that provides relaxing ways to relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve overall wellness. Gina Lizzo took a deep dive into its services for Main Line Today.

The facility, hewing to its name, offers float tanks and an infrared sauna, along with cryotherapy and compression therapies. The goal is to help clients of achieve their most relaxed state of mind.

“There has never been a greater need for a proactive approach to health,” said owner Sean Fleming. “We have developed a facility with state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that is revolutionizing how people improve their health.”

The most popular service is the floating experience.

After a quick shower, visitors can head into the tank for an hour. They are filled with 10 inches of warm water saturated with 850 pounds of Epsom salt. There is also a user-controlled light, but users recommend floating in the dark for the best possible experience.

It’s also an experience that can be shared; the facility has tanks built for two.

The sensory deprivation experience is reported to yield many benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, faster muscle recovery, and better sleep.

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Does floating in a sensory-deprivation tank actually reduce anxiety? Or could it produce yet more angst, as participants feel pressured to let go wholly.
This video examines the science behind the experience.

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