Khalid Mumin, Superintendent of Lower Merion School District, Named Pa. Education Secretary

Khalid Mumin
Image via Clem Murray at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Khalid Mumin.

Khalid Mumin, Lower Merion School District superintendent, has been named by Gov.-Elect Josh Shapiro as Pennsylvania’s new Secretary of Education. Kristen A. Graham reported the new position in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Mumin led the Montgomery County district for little over a year, atop his achievements in Reading, where his leadership earned him the state’s Superintendent of the Year in 2021.

In a farewell letter to district parents, Mumin wrote, “I have grown to love Lower Merion, our inspiring students, exemplary staff, committed families and community members; however, Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro has offered me a unique and exciting opportunity … .”

He called the offer a career move he “…couldn’t refuse.”

Despite his Jan. 17 inauguration into a statewide role, Mumin has committed to continuing to ensure his Lower Merion students succeed. He expressed particular interest in seeing some of his notable district achievements — full-day kindergarten, healthy start times, new fields for Black Rock Middle School — continue propelling area education forward here.

Mumin captured his overall educational philosophy in his book, Problem Child: Leading Students Living in Poverty Towards Infinite Possibilities of Success.

He describes the published work as “…part autobiography and part educational blueprint.”

More on Pennsylvania’s new Secretary of Education — Khalid Mumin — is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


This 2020 video featured Khalid Mumin presenting his general thoughts on leadership, beyond the educational focus of his traditional career.

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