Ambler-Based Columnist Weighs in on Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Harry and Meghan, subject of Ambler's Katie McMahon opinion piece.
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Katie McMahon, an Ambler columnist for the Loyola Marymount University newspaper, has some thoughts on the world’s favorite royals who are taking the media by storm. Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have made headlines over the past few years. They came forward about racism that Meghan asserts she has endured from the public and allegedly the royal family.

On Dec. 8, their Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan was released. And a scant month later, on Jan. 10, Prince Harry’s Spare hit bookstores (physical and virtual) where it became an instant bestselling tell-all autobiography.

Ever since the pair’s bombshell interview with Oprah in March 2021, they have professed to be in pursuit of a private life. Their recent resurfacing occurred in August, with Meghan introducing her podcast, Archetypes.

McMahon, however, detects some mixed messaging amid the media courtships.

“Much of the [content in Harry & Megan] seemed to portray that the couple strives for a private life, but how much more public can a $100-million documentary deal and a $30 million podcast deal get? The entire enterprise of these ventures feels hypocritical — these podcasts, shows and books seem to be coming from a place of insincerity,” she chronicled for The Los Angeles Loyolan.

The couple’s press secretary has since stated that they never expressed a need for privacy. But McMahon pointed out multiple instances in the documentary that say otherwise.

“It feels insincere to rewatch and re-listen to the same narrative so many times, through different platforms, while Meghan and Harry are making hundreds of millions of dollars from these deals.” wrote McMahon.

Read more from Ambler’s Katie McMahon on The Los Angeles Loyolan.


The Wall Street Journal peered more closely into how Harry and Meghan are funding themselves apart from being part of the royal family.

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