West Chester’s IT Edge Places Focus on Aiding Accountant Firms In January

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With all of the New Year celebrations and festivities come and gone, now is the time of year when people set various goals for themselves. With these resolutions being finalized, certain organizations see a large uptick in business over the first few weeks of the new year. 

Common commitments usually involve personal fitness or personal finances, which makes the first month of 2023 the perfect month for IT Edge’s new initiative. January is accountant marketing month at IT Edge. 

With so many people wanting to get their finances in order for the new year, this poses a great opportunity for small to medium-sized accounting firms looking to gain more business.

IT Edge can offer help to accounting firms in so many ways. Keep reading to find out how.

Digital Marketing to Diversify Your Client Base 

With new potential clients looking for accounting services, this provides a great opportunity for small- to medium-sized accounting firms to market themselves and their services to these prospective customers. 

None of that can be done without a cutting-edge website and a strong social media presence. Luckily, IT Edge is an expert in both categories. 

Reaching new people requires your site to be properly optimized with search engine optimization, or SEO, content.

That’s why this month, IT Edge is offering one free month of free search engine optimization content and services. This will show you the difference that these marketing strategies make, especially with a large new prospective client base.

So what else can IT Edge do to help?

Social Media to Show Yourself Off

During accountant month, social media becomes increasingly important. If used correctly, social media essentially works as a free form of advertising. 

Running a strong social media presence can be extremely beneficial to small and medium-sized benefits, providing all the benefits from running big advertising campaigns and none of the negatives.

That’s why this month, IT Edge wants any and all accounting firms to give their social media management services a try. During this accountant month initiative, IT Edge is offering two free weeks of social media management for any and all accounting firms. 

This initiative includes custom content creation, scheduled posting, and analytics reporting to show that it’s actually working!

Need something more than digital marketing? Don’t worry, IT Edge still has you covered.

More Than Digital Marketing

While digital marketing services can benefit any company out there, some accountants just don’t need it. With a strong reputation and history, as well as a solid client base, there’s no need to put extra time into digital marketing.

Still, IT Edge has services to offer. IT Edge supports many accounting services in the greater West Chester area, so they know how many IT needs any accounting firm has. 

That’s why IT Edge offers expert Quickbooks support, as well as expert knowledge on tax preparation software such as:

  • CCH Pro Systems FX
  • Thompson Reuters Creative Solutions UltraTax
  • Drake
  • Intuit ProSeriers

With so much knowledge and experience, it’s hard to imagine a way IT Edge couldn’t help your team.

Contact IT Edge Today

With all of these fresh resolutions in mind, now is the time to capitalize. This month only IT Edge is offering a free month of SEO services or two free weeks of social media management. They’re sure that these practices will give you undeniable results.

Are you interested in seeing what IT Edge can offer your accounting firm? Contact IT Edge today to get started.

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