QuoteWizard: Pa. Drivers Rate Middle of the Pack in State-by-State Study

Looking through a car windshield with view of Philadelphia skyline at night
Image via iStock.

Pa. drivers ranked No. 16 in a study of the the top 25 states for residents’ quality behind the wheel, reported Nick VinZant for QuoteWizard.

To assess U.S. motorists’ skills, QuoteWizard analyzed more than 10 million insurance quotes.

Drivers were evaluated on four factors: accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations. States that recorded the lowest numbers of incidents are considered the best.

According to the report, the state with the worst drivers in the country is Utah, while the state with the best drivers is Connecticut.

In July, QuoteWizard placed Philadelphia at No. 21 among the cities with the best drivers in America.

Read more about the best and worst drivers by state on QuoteWizard.

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