MONTCO.Today Closes Another Year of Upbeat, Positive Stories

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With the publication of this Dec. 30, 2022, issue, MONTCO.Today brings its stream of twice-daily news to a close for the year.

A statistical look back on the past 12 months shows what caught local interest, as well as what formerly significant news items have cooled in the area’s eyes.

Some performance metrics are notable: Since its first email of 2022, MONTCO.Today has published 469 issues. Given that each email contains at least five new stories, that’s no fewer than 2,300 news items.

Each of them strives to provide a viewpoint somewhat ignored by the main-stream media: a Montgomery County–centric accumulation of good people doing good deeds throughout local boroughs and neighborhoods.

A scan of the data show that, based on page views, the stories that most captivated readers in 2022 were:

  1. Mudsnail proliferation in Montgomery County waterways
  2. The county’s best Reuben sandwich
  3. A report on a state change in hourly pay for careers linked to tips
  4. Safest places to live in the county
  5. Montco’s most desirable community

Also notable are news topics that trended high in 2021 but that saw interest wane in 2022. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, which was the subject of 80 stories this year, compared with 326 in 2021.

The converse also emerges from a data analysis. Published stories on the area’s rates of inflation and recessionary economics, for example, rose from 12 items in 2021 to 35 this year. Although MONTCO.Today content is decidedly positive, its slant toward business and industry makes ongoing reports of the economic climate appropriate, good or bad.

Total page views for the year were 2.22 million, up 9.5 percent from two years ago.

Regardless of the daily wax and wane of the news cycle, it has been a pleasure to serve MONTCO.Today readers.

The editorial staff behind this e-publication looks forward to a 2023 that brims with positivity to deliver to area in-boxes, a raft of partnering organizations willing to lend their support to its business model, and an engaged and satisfied corps of loyal, twice-daily readers.

Happy 2023 to all.

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