If You Have Good Content on Your Résumé, Could the Same Content Make Your Linkedin Shine? Part One

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If you have good content on your résumé, you can use it on LinkedIn. That will be the beginning of your personal career website where you can shine.

Since the new year is right around the corner, think about doing a refresh on your career documents. No one will do it for you, so take charge and manage your career.

Here in part one, the focus is on Résumé Strategies for 2023.

Here are 14 carousels with commentary and loads of tips to refresh your resume.

Part 1 – Sections to Add to Your Résumé

Part 2 – Résumé vs. LinkedIn Headline

Part 3 – Your Résumé Summary Profile

Part 4 – Core Competencies on Your Résumé

Part 5 – Add Career Highlights to Your Résumé

Part 6 – Add Professional Experience to Your Résumé

Part 7 – Add Honors & Awards to Your Résumé

Part 8 – Add Education to Your Résumé

Part 9 – Tips for Formatting Your Résumé

Part 10 – Grammar on Your Résumé

Part 11 – Gaps in Your Resume

Part 12 – Add Keywords, Not Buzzwords, to Your Résumé

Part 13 – Considerations for Your Résumé

Part 14 – Is Your Résumé ATS Ready?

Next week in part two, we will focus on some LinkedIn tips, so stay tuned for next week!

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Next Steps


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  • Dec. 14: PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind Weekly Resilience Building Call-In
  • Dec. 14: Leveraging Your MBTI Type to Manage Stress
  • Dec. 15: Recruiter on Call with Jobs – Executive Talent
  • Dec. 15: LGBTQ+ OUTstanding Careers Group
  • Dec. 15: How to Develop Successful Job Search Strategies
  • Dec. 16 – Interview Techniques
  • Dec. 17: LinkedIn Part 1 of 3
  • Dec. 19: Career Success Group Job Search Accountability & Networking
  • Dec. 19: Tips to Optimize Your Resume

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