King of Prussia Technology Pioneer Proposes High-Tech Solution to Increased Firearm Safety


Local tech firm LodeStar, which also operates out of Tenn., has developed what could be an accidental or unauthorized use of a gun. Norfolk’s Matt Gregory, WUSA 9 reporter (Washington, D.C.), got a first-hand demonstration in King of Prussia.

LodeStar is positioning its solution as a “smart gun.”

It uses fingerprint technology to lock and unlock a firearm, preventing use by anyone other than its owner.

At present, the device is a prototype, which LodeStar chief technology officer Ginger Chandler demonstrated at Shoot Indoors KOP.

The LodeStar system uses an app to capture the user’s fingerprint and connect it to a weapon; once united, a gun cannot be used until the images matches the user’s print, as captured by a panel on the firearm.

Chandler said a go-ahead on the idea relied on the ability to accurately match prints. “I knew that fingerprint (technology) had been pretty [much] perfected,” she explained.

The possible breakthrough is not, however, without critics.

A member of a U.S. gun-rights organization claims it is easily hacked.

Undaunted, LodeStar is pressing forward.

“If we can save even one life a year, I would argue it’s worth it,” said company CEO Gareth Glaser.

More on this high-tech attempt to curb unauthorized gun use is at WUSA 9.

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