Montgomery County Makes ‘U.S. News’ Ranking of Healthiest Counties in the Nation

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U.S. News and World Report has analyzed geographies across the nation, comparing regional contributors (or lack thereof) to creating a generally beneficial environment. The metrics were then weighted and ranked, arriving at its list of 2022’s healthiest counties in the U.S.

The analysis covered ten areas, with scoring designed to show the importance of their roles in contributing to residents’ overall heartiness and happiness.

The evaluation points and statistical weights were:

  1. Population health (14.2 percent)
  2. Equity (12.23 percent)
  3. Education (12.15 percent)
  4. Economy (11.1 percent)
  5. Housing (9.5 percent)
  6. Food and nutrition (8.8 percent)
  7. Environment (8.6 percent)
  8. Public safety (8.5 percent)
  9. Community vitality (7.6 percent)
  10. Infrastructure (7.5 percent)

Using this screen, Montgomery County rated the 80th position out of 500 communities nationwide. It was the highest-rated in the Delaware Valley region.

The count’s scores in the above categories were:

  • Population Health: 80
  • Equity: 47
  • Education: 90
  • Economy: 88
  • Housing: 60
  • Food & Nutrition: 69
  • Environment: 48
  • Public Safety: 70
  • Community Vitality: 65
  • Infrastructure: 83

In comparison, Chester County came in at No. 92, and Bucks County was No. 205.

Philadelphia County did not make the ranking.

Neither did Delaware County, Pa.; however, two other Delaware Counties — Ohio (No. 10) and Iowa (No. 306) — scored high enough to warrant inclusion.

The full list of the U.S.’ 500 healthiest counties is at U.S. News and World Report.


County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a program of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, chronicled the elements of a healthy community.

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