Wynnewood’s Friends’ Central School Has Impressive List of Famous Hollywood Alumni

man at piano
Image via John Legend at YouTube.
John Legend, whose career was directed by a Friends’ Central School (Wynnewood) graduate.

Wynnewood’s Friends’ Central School has an impressive list of successful Hollywood alumni, writes Claire Sasko for Philadelphia Magazine.

In fact, the Montgomery County academy is one of the most top ranked K–12 Quaker schools in the nation and been consistently providing Hollywood A-list celebrities for decades.

The all-star alumni from the school include former students who represented music stars such as John Legend and who directed mega-stars such as Jennifer Aniston. The schools former students also had a hand in producing both Moonlight and La La Land, 2016’s Oscar favorites.

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Over the years, the Wynnewood School has also lent an educational hand to the director who gave us such cult movies as Carrie and The Untouchables (Brian De Palma).

It has also kick started the careers of Stacey Snider, Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, along with agents Adam and Bill Weinstein, who are partners at Verve, the Los Angeles talent and literary agency that represents clients who have worked on hit films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Moonlight producer David Fenkel and La La Land executive producers Mike Jackson and Jong Legend and writer Andy Greenwald are also on the school’s extensive list of famous of alumni.

Read more about Wynnewood’s successful academy at Philadelphia Magazine.

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