Like the Dollies on Which It Made Deliveries, A Pottstown Family Furniture Store Trundles to a Close

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Image via Google Images at WFMZ 69 News.
The twin locations of Lastick Furniture & Floor Coverings, soon to disappear from Pottstown.

Lastick Furniture & Floor Coverings, a family business serving customers for nearly half a century is rolling up its carpets and moving out of the Montgomery County retail scene. WFMZ 69 News reported the departure.

The Lastick patriarch and matriarch, Eli and Sonia, established their store in 1973 at 310 E. High St. Pottstown with son Jerry.

The building they occupied was the former home of the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, a nonprofit devoted to peace and hope. That structure dated to 1928.

As customer demand for furniture grew, so did the business’ footprint and payroll.

The Lasticks set up a second location at 269 E. High Street. In 1979, Jerry’s sister Marsha joined the store’s familial management team. It wasn’t long until steady customer traffic warranted pressing her husband Martin Petnick into also manning the showroom floor.

The Lastick Furniture & Floor Coverings website described its successful business model: “We are a niche family business built on old-school values, progressive products, tried-and-true vendors, and superior customer service.

“Our best advertising continues to be our customers’ satisfaction and word of mouth.”

The action propelling the closure is the retirement of Jerry and Marsha. They have committed to remaining open until all inventory is sold and all existing orders are filled.

More on the permanent closure of Lastick Furniture & Floor Coverings is at WFMZ.


This commercial from 2021 shows Lastick Furniture during what would be its final months of operations.

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