Washington Post: Immanuel Leidy’s Church in Souderton Delivers Hellish Scares to Halloween-Goers

A church member plays Satan terrifying a nonbeliever at Immanuel Leidy’s Church in Sounderton. (Image via The Washington Post)

Immanuel Leidy’s Church in Souderton attempts to scare people into committing to Jesus with its Judgement House, a Halloween venue that gives visitors after-death images of hell, writes Julie Zauzmer for The Washington Post.

Over one hundred volunteers from the congregation work on the program that, according to church representatives, is aimed at saving souls.

“Hell, which we believe is a real place, [is] a scary reality,” said the church pastor, Andrew Edmonds. “We can give people a sense of what it’s like and use it, really, to warn them.”

Judgement Houses, which have been a feature of Halloween night among many evangelical congregations nationwide for years, vary in the particulars of how they tell their story.

But the beginning of all of them is always the death of those walking through the live presentation.

After that, visitors get the option of heaven for believers or a terrifying presentation of damnation for everyone else.

Edmonds had urged his congregation to invite their friends and co-workers to visit on Halloween, especially encouraging nonbelievers to attend. The church has even advertised on Facebook for the annual event.

Read more about the Judgment House scares at The Washington Post.

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