7 Signs You’re Underpaid

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Maybe when you started out at your current role the salary sounded good. But as time has passed by, perhaps some things have started to not add up.

Like you might hear of others in your field being able to afford opportunities that are out of your price range.

The career site Glassdoor shared some of the telltale signs that you could be getting less than you deserve at your current job.

Here are seven indications to watch out for.

1. You’ve Never Asked for More

Oftentimes companies will assume that if you never ask for more, why should they offer it? If you seem content with what you have, many jobs are going to figure they don’t need to give you more.

2. Your Salary Has Not Risen with Inflation

Have you started to feel financially stretched as the years pass despite your spending habits not changing? Life is getting more expensive, which means you need to be making more too.

3. Your Salary Stayed the Same Even at a New Job

Usually when someone changes jobs it is for a higher salary. If you weren’t offered anything significantly higher, why did you make the change?

4. You’ve Been in One Company for Years

Companies call it loyalty, but it can also be stagnation. Sometimes a position plateaus for you and has nothing more to offer.

5. The Data Confirm It

Have you checked out what job postings are offering for similar work elsewhere? If you are seeing significantly higher numbers, why are you not getting that where you are now?

6. Others Have Dropped Hints

They say it’s rude to talk salaries with coworkers, but it can be a good way to learn if you are getting shortchanged. Maybe others are surprised how low your take away is.

7. Know Your Worth

Glassdoor has a tool that can alert you when your current salary is becoming lower or higher than the average in your field, so you know right away when something is off.

You don’t want to find out you have been making way below average for years. Stay on top of what your worth is to avoid getting taken advantage of.

To find out more about any of these signs that could spell out that you are not getting paid what you should, read Glassdoor’s post.


Randy Soderquist has practical advice about what to do when you are being underpaid.



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