Two One-Credit Courses and a Free Power Breakfast Broaden the Horizons of DeSales MBA Program

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DeSales University is holding two one-credit classes and a power breakfast whose speaker will address emotional intelligence.
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The DeSales University MBA program is offering three educational opportunities for the fall: two one-credit courses and a power breakfast with a bestselling author and columnist.

One-Credit Courses

DeSales one-credit course offerings are an excellent way to gather credits in subjects that also bring practical, valuable skills that benefit participants academically and professionally. The program’s advantages include a concentrated timeline, as topics are covered in depth during a timeline comprising six hours of classwork over only two weekends. Completion of three one-credit courses fulfills one concentration requirement.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Led by Professional Certified Coach Charlene D. Bergstresser, MS, RN, this course tackles the diverse types of difficult conversations that can impede forward movement and success.

Bergstresser will use experiential exercises to facilitate learned application of tools and skills for effectively managing difficult conversations.

The course is intended for those who are willing to do personal reflection and practice to achieve greater success with the challenging conversations they face.

Its sessions are scheduled for Sept. 10 and 17, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants will attend via Zoom.

Analysis with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI)

This course is presented by Donna Reed who is certified and licensed in machine learning artificial intelligence, and statistics.

In addition, she has 20+ years’ experience using Excel for decision making in a corporate environment, as well as five years teaching the finer points of the spreadsheet program at the collegiate level. Reed is also a DeSales faculty member.

Participants will:

  • Analyze and evaluate quantitative data to make business decisions
  • Demonstrate an ability to understand the role that data plays in today’s business environment for use in business decision making
  • Illustrate the use of Power BI for storytelling, report writing, and dash bonding
  • Gain important insights and transform data into breakthroughs that solve business problems
  • Monitor key performance indicators in real time
  • Determine which metrics drive opportunities and success

As a prerequisite, advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel or CR-508, Business Computing are strong recommendations.

Analysis with Microsoft Power BI runs Oct. 15 and 22, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sessions are scheduled on campus and via Zoom.

Power Breakfast

Building Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence — also known as an emotional quotient (EQ) — explains the importance of emotions in life and how they help and hurt individual abilities to navigate the world.

Session instructor Eric Bartosz is an adjunct faculty member at DeSales University.

He is also founder of BAR40, a year-long physical and mental fitness program designed to help participants reach peak potential and achieve previously unreached goals. He wrote its associated guidebook, BAR40 Achieving Personal Excellence.

This free breakfast session is being held Sept. 28, 8–9 a.m. (with registration at 7:30 a.m.) at the Desales University Center or via Zoom

Registrations can be made by email.

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