Papa’s Mother Lode: Penn State Presents Newly Uncovered Works of Author Ernest Hemingway

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Image via the Penn State Special Collections Library at The New York Times.
Ernest Hemingway.

The Penn State Special Collections Library at University Park is currently exhibiting a newly unearthed collection of Ernest Hemingway materials. It is being called the most significant cache of Hemingway’s professional and private life. The curation of the newfound treasures of the famous author — fondly nicknamed “Papa” during his lifetime — became the writing assignment of Robert K. Elder for The New York Times.

Hemingway’s items in the Toby and Betty Bruce Collection include:

  • Four unpublished short stories
  • Manuscript drafts
  • Hundreds of photographs of the famous author
  • Bundles of correspondence
  • Boxes of personal effects scholars believe will reshape Hemingway’s public and scholarly perception

The Bruces’ son, Benjamin, discovered the collection that was given to his parents by the author’s fourth wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway.

He was looking for a permanent home for the materials when Sandra Spanier — general editor of the Hemingway Letters Project and an English professor at Penn State — helped him find it at her university.

“This is a gold mine for a scholar,” she said.

Read more about this Ernest Hemingway material now accessible to the public in The New York Times.

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