Hatfield Medical Imaging Tech Developer Merges with Australian Medical Software Company

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CurveBeam AI is a medical imaging technology developer in Hatfield.

CurveBeam AI, a Hatfield medical imaging technology developer, has signed a merger deal with StraxCorp, Melbourne, Australia.  John George covered the intercontinental collaboration for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The financial specifics are being kept under wraps at the present; however, the newly united entities are targeting an IPO for next year.

This was no union of strangers. CurveBeam and StraxCorp have collaborated since 2018.

CurveBeam has 51 employees and specializes in imaging products and artificial intelligence-driven applications used for weight-bearing CT imaging in orthopedics.

Its technology is used for examining bone and joint alignment for better diagnosis of lower extremity conditions including flat foot, patellar instability, and hip dysplasia. CurveBeam has installed more than 160 systems at orthopedic institutions around the world.

StraxCorp provides artificial intelligence for use with bone separation, segmentation, and microstructure to improve bone fragility screening and aid clinicians in preventing fragility fractures.

“[The merger] will offer proprietary tools to improve patient outcomes at a speed and scope that CurveBeam could not alone,” said Arun Singh, CEO of CurveBeam, in a statement. “Weight bearing CT imaging will remain a core focus; however, this merger signifies our steadfast commitment to build the complementary AI software tools that will reduce the barriers to adoption.”

Additional detail on the CurveBeam AI and StraxCorp partnership is at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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