Limerick Siblings Claw Their Way to Recognition in Maine Lobster Crate Race

girl running across crates floating on water
Image via Village Soup at YouTube.
A fleet-footed competitor takes on the 2022 Great International Lobster Crate Race in Rockland, Maine.

Limerick siblings Caitlyn and Tyler Wylie recently earned mention for their performance in the 2022 Great International Lobster Crate Race in Rockland, Maine. Ken Waltz, of The Courier-Gazette boiled down the details of their participation in this unusual athletic competition.

The race has been a summer tradition in Rockland for decades, born of a desire to pepper the vacation season with a competition steeped in local focus.

The challenge asks competitors to run across 50 floating, wooden lobster crates that, tied end-to-end, form a wobbly bridge across the harbor section of Penobscot Bay.

Contestants get credit for the crates they successfully navigate before tumbling off into the drink.

More than 90 racers turned out for the 2022 edition in early Aug.; numbers were theorized to have swelled from pent-up demand from the competition’s 2020–2021 cancellations.

Participants ranged in age from 5 to 56.

None survived the tiny, teetering rafts without getting at least a little wet.

The Limerick athletes fared well. Caitlyn, 16 years old, navigated 9 crates; her brother Tyler, 13 years old, outscored her by one crate to earn a 10.

The 2022 event winner — a teenage resident of Owls Head, Maine — amassed a multi-heat tally of 2,522 crates.

The overall event champ is a Warren, Maine, ten-year-old who floated over 11,815 crates over numerous years.

A wrap-up of the 2022 Great International Lobster Crate Race is at The Courier-Gazette.

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