7 High-paying, Fast-growing Business Careers That Are Set to Boom Over The Next Decade

Financial Manager
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In the world of business, it can at times be difficult to gauge where the jobs will be in the future. Innovation can be so sudden that it can leave some people lost in the dust when it passes them by. Imagine how many were left scrambling to catch up who were skeptical of the first Apple computer.

Fortunately, pulled resources are easier to find nowadays, allowing for a clearer projection of what’s to come. Insider recently looked at some of the next decade’s most promising careers, and quite a few strong business careers made the list.

Marketing managers

As marketing techniques have evolved for the digital age, it only makes sense new blood would be needed in the coming years. And this role comes with one of the highest salaries on the list, at a median of $135,030.

Information security analysts

As we grow more dependent on our digital devices, it also leaves us rife with opportunities for cybercriminals. Over 47,000 new roles will be needed by 2030 to protect susceptible devices, paying around $102,000.

Accountants and auditors

Whether it’s a corporation or an individual, nearly everyone nowadays needs to someone to ensure their finances add up. That’s why by 2030 there will be 96,000 new jobs, paying around $77,000.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists

If you have knowledge of marketing, you can expect very strong job prospects to come. The field will be expanding with over 163,000 new roles, and a median salary sitting around $64,000.

Financial managers

For one of the strongest mixes of salary and opportunity, financial managers will do very well in the coming years. Protecting the assets of others pays around $131,000 and will see over 118,000 new jobs.

Computer and information systems managers

Computers are the lifeblood of the modern office, meaning keeping them up and running is highly valued, offering a median salary over $159,000. Jobs in the field will also grow by over 52,000.

Software developers

If you are basing your decision about your career on how easy it will be to get into the field and continue finding work, a software developer looks like your best bet.

There are projected to be over 400,000 new software developer jobs by 2030. It also doesn’t hurt that the median salary is over $120,000.

As you can see, whether your main concern is job availability, salary, or a mix of both, there are options in many different fields looking ahead.

To see the full list of all 30 jobs to consider for the future, give a read to the article from Insider here.



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