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A teacher works with a student. The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth is looking to fill 3 special education positions.
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There are many Lincoln Center careers available to job seekers. The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth (“TLC”) in Audubon is a social enterprise company serving the Greater Philadelphia Area for over 50 years.

Founded in 1970 and incorporated in 1983, TLC is an entrepreneurial nonprofit providing innovative education, coaching, and counseling services to public school students and their families.

The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth is hiring for the following positions:

Licensed School-based Counselor/ Social Worker

The School-based Counselor/ Social Worker provides early intervention therapy and
counseling services in a designated school district.

They also offer case management and mental health support services at the school and in the homes of at-risk students, and
consultation services to school personnel, liaison support to community agencies, and
training programs for school and community populations.

The duties and responsibilities of this position are:

• Identify students in need of trauma support and to provide prevention, screening, referral and treatment services to students potentially in need of services;
• Provide case management for students and families requiring multiple resources;
• Assist teachers with behavior management strategies;
• Train school staff on trauma-informed approaches to education to develop safe, stable and nurturing learning environments that prevent and mitigate the effects of trauma.
• Provide consultation regarding school law and school policy including IDEA and Section 504;
• Assist in developing and implementing educational programs, including programs on safety and bullying;
• Develop alternative programs for drop-out, truancy, delinquency, etc.;
• Work with parents to facilitate their support in their children’s school adjustment;
• Work with those problems in a child’s living situation that affect the child’s adjustment in home, school, and community;
• Obtain and coordinate community resources to meet students’ needs;
• Provide health services and intervention strategies by coordinating the services provided by eligible applicants and coordinated care organizations, public health entities, nonprofit youth service providers and community-based organizations;
• Foster and promote communication between the school entity, community and law enforcement;
• Help school districts receive adequate support from social and mental health agencies;
• Advocate for new and improved community/school service to meet the needs of
students and families;
• Help school districts receive adequate support from social and mental health agencies.

Candidates for this position should have:
• Excellent communication and relationship building skills
• Ability to work effectively on a multi-treatment team
• Proficient in numerous clinical interventions
• Knowledge of and ability to access community resources
• Strong substance abuse intervention skills

A Master’s degree is required, preferably in counseling or social work.

At least one of the following licenses is required:

• Licensed Professional Counselor

• (LPC), or Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

•Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

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Certified Guidance Counselor

This person will develop and oversee a guidance program for a cohort of 7th grade students in a Montgomery County School District with a high degree of flexibility in serving the varied and diverse needs of the individual students.

This is a 7-year project that follows the 7th grade cohort through their first year of college in order to meet the requirements of the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) program.

The GEAR UP program is funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant and provides services and resources to a cohort of students with the goal of increasing high school graduation and college awareness, acceptance, and readiness.

Duties and responsibilities for this position include:

• Assisting with students’ academic, emotional, and social issues and/or challenges;
• Helping students to identify goals and to develop action plans designed to support identified goals;
• Implementing counseling strategies;
• Assist students with job/career exploration and application as needed;
• Arrange and schedule orientation programs and internships;
• Assist with referrals to mental health resources as needed;
• May be required to provide tutoring support on an as-needed basis to support program benchmarks;
• Improve student/student, student/teacher, and parent/teacher relationships;
• Cooperate with parents, teachers, administrative staff and external partners;
• Assist students and parents with college search and application process; including assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications and research;
• Collaborate with GEAR UP evaluator to track all student-level activities;
• Maintain accurate documentation of service objectives and outcomes as well as other services in accordance with GEAR UP guidelines;
• Attend required meetings, training/education, including GEAR UP conferences as

Candidates should have a strong sense of compassion and commitment to helping people, possess a high degree of sensitivity, warmth and empathy while maintaining consistency with program expectations to encourage academic, social and personal

They should have strong relationship- and team-building skills, and an ability to work in a team-driven environment with social services personnel, educators, and parents.

Other skills include the ability to communicate clearly, strong organizational skills, ability to be flexible and meet deadlines, multi-tasking capability, and detail oriented.

A Master’s degree with PA School Counselor Certification is required. Experience working with middle and secondary students is a plus.

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Substance Abuse Counselor

This position will provide substance abuse counseling services to students in grades K-12 at various school districts as well as in the community.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Counsel students/clients in individual or group sessions by listening to their stories, concerns or issues and providing feedback, including teaching them coping techniques and offering advice on their current situations;
  • Educate students/clients on treatment options, methods and techniques to ensure the student/client understands the process when they are completing the intake procedures;
  • Maintain records for student/client tracking, along with personal files for your use as you work with the student/client and create the treatment plan;
  • Work with other professional staff to collaborate on treatment methods and plans for students/clients and to assess suitability for counseling services or referrals to other treatment centers;
  • Encourage and monitor the progress of students and use information to adjust counseling strategies;
  • Communicate necessary information regularly to students and school staff regarding students’ progress and needs;
  • Utilize Seeking Safety curriculum and other counseling modalities;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with district personnel, school staff, and GEAR UP partners to provide services and resources to participating cohort students;
  • Act as the liaison between the TLC and School District staff;
  • Track all student/client-level activities;
  • Maintain accurate documentation of service objectives and outcomes;
  • Attend required meetings, training/education, including conferences as requested.

Candidates should have sstorng relationship and team-building skills, the ability to communicate clearly, strong organziational skills, ability to be flexible and meet deadlines, experience in individual and group counseling, understand DSM-V diagnosis.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required in counseling, psychology or a related field.

State licensing or certification is required.

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