5 Sure-fire Ways to Make Sure New Employees Are Familiar with Your Company’s Tech

A manager Mentoring a new employee
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The interview with the new hire went great and their resume looks like exactly what you want.

They did acknowledge they aren’t super familiar with some of the programs you mentioned, but you figure no big deal, right?

Then once they start, orientation takes longer than you’d anticipated as they get used to the learning curve on all the company’s programs and hardware.

The Wall Street Journal shared a variety of ways to expedite the process. Here are some of the best methods you might not be using.

Start Training Before Day One

You give new employees information on who their supervisor will be, where they can park their car, and what their hours will be. So why not give them information on how to use the company’s programs?

Some offices give candidates a checklist to get through before starting tasks that will help them learn how to use the office’s technology.

Show How Your Company Uses a Tool

Don’t assume that just because the new employee has experience using a program it means that they have used it the same way you guys do. If it’s a program that has a lot of functions, go over which parts are essential to the daily routine.

Pair Them Up

You might tell the new hires that if they run into any trouble, to just let someone know. But it can feel awkward not knowing if you’re bothering someone doing something important. It might make them feel better if you designate a specific person as their resource for any questions.

Make it a Goal for the Manager

The best way to ensure the new hire is learning everything they need to is to make it part of the supervisor’s job. The supervisor should be taking note of any areas where the new person is still struggling and setting up time to ensure that person receives the training they need to become proficient.

Be Realistic

Too many companies expect fresh hires to hit the ground running and that can just set you up for disappointment. You may just need to adjust your expectations and accept there will be an acclimation period for the first few weeks.

Making this process easier will not only allow the company to start firing on all cylinders more quickly, but will also make the new hire happier and more confident as they start in their new role.

To learn about more ways you can make the onboarding process easier on both you and the new hire, check out what The Wall Street Journal says here.


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