Rockledge Yoga Instructor — 84 Years Young — Turns Up the Heat on His Students


Rockledge yoga instructor Bill Henry’s career is hot. Very hot. His high-temp yoga classes at The Twisted Monkey, the Rockledge studio he co-owns, are no sweat for someone who has taught the discipline for 25 years. Tamala Edwards, 6abc, captured his fiery professional passion.

Henry’s sessions have fired up yoga fans who now pack his hour-long, four-day-a-week sessions.

“It’s a combination of Kundalini, Ashtanga vinyasa,” said Henry, explaining his routines that highlights feminine energy–based exercises that flow together.

The twist is that the coursework takes place in a 107-degree studio that Henry believes releases toxins and loosens muscles.

“You just feel great,” he said, describing the afterglow.

One student, Felix Job, agrees that the classwork is beneficial. Henry’s regimen helped him drop more than 20 pounds in two years, while also lowering his blood pressure without medication.

“It pretty much transformed my life,” he said.

More on this roasty regimen is at 6abc.