Cutloose Cares, New Norristown Outreach, Having Purchased School Supplies, Needs Stuffers to Pack Them

blue backpack with contents
Image via iStock.

Cutloose Cares, a Norristown outreach for struggling families, needs a few good hands.

The organization — which is only a few months old — is dedicated to helping disadvantaged residents in the area, providing them with a pathway to health and well-being.

One of its inaugural projects is equipping school kids with supply-filled backpacks before they return to class.

The supplies are already in hand, having been purchased thanks to a July 16 fundraiser — the organization’s first — held at Von C Brewing in Norristown. That event successfully blew out the designated goal of $3,750, enabling the purchase of enough school stuff to fill 150 backpacks to the brim.

The only remaining obstacle standing between the recipients and the abundance of pens, paper, crayons, and safety scissors readied for them is the lack of helping hands to assemble the packs.

The organization is therefore holding an Aug. 13 stuffing event; members of the public are invited to register and help. The crew will again be working at Von C Brewing, 1210 Stanbridge Street, Suite 300.

The loaded backpacks will eventually be distributed at the ACLAMO Family Centers, 512 W. Marshall Street.

More information is available at Cutloose Cares.