On National Caterer Appreciation Day, Celebrate One of the Best in Montgomery County: Curds & Whey

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Images via Curds & Whey.

Davida Berger learned everything about owning your own business from her mother Asna, an entrepreneur long before the term took on today’s current meaning, who founded Curds & Whey over 45 years ago as a cheese shop in Jenkintown. After Davida joined the business in the 1990’s, the once cheese shop grew into a restaurant that also offers daily prepared foods and always in high-demand catering business. 

When speaking with Davida, she was clear to state that their number one goal always has been and continues to be customer satisfaction. She takes pride in working personally with her clients to create the vision they have in mind. 

“We treat our customers like family because that is what they are to us,” said Berger. “It is because of their loyalty and continuous support of the business that we went from a small cheese counter to the operation that we are today.”

That operation includes several catering events every month! Davida works hand and hand with each catering client to customize menus to their specific wishes. They offer an extensive catering menu that includes various hor’s d’oeuvres options, plated first course items, multitudes of entrees, pasta dishes, and sides to mix and match based on a customer’s event. The menu covers all dietary needs including gluten, and dairy-free as well as vegan items.

“We do our very best to make the events we cater as stress-free as possible for our clients,” Berger said. “We enjoy working together with each client to take all of their ideas into consideration whether it be on the food selections, set up or how they want everything served. No idea is too much! The staff and I are always up for the challenge whether an event is in a clients home or at an offsite location, we always deliver the highest quality food and service.” 

Curds & Whey provides everything needed to host an event so that both the host and everyone attending has a great time.  They have a professional, detail-oriented team to ensure clients can sit back and enjoy their event. Whether the event is a cocktail reception, a family graduation party, an employee work gathering, or an elegant multiple-course sit-down dinner party, Curds & Whey is prepared to make sure guests leave full and satisfied! 

What Sets Curds & Whey Apart From Their Competition?

Davida has created an environment where both herself and the staff provide top-quality food and excellent service. With a Culinary Institute of America trained Executive Chef in the kitchen, guests can expect to indulge in items that make them reminisce about similar homemade foods they had as a kid growing up.

“Creating a connection with food and memory drives our business,” Davida said, “There’s nothing like taking a bite into food and being flooded by warm and homelike feelings.” 

Davida appreciates the loyal community members who have supported her business all of these years. Whether customers eat in the cafe, pop in for their signature prepared foods or hire them to cater their event, they are happy to be part of the Montgomery County community. 

All menu items are prepared fresh each and every day for their customers. They offer new weekly menu items and offer holiday specific options depending on the time of year.

“We not only want to run a great restaurant, but we want to be an establishment where our community members know that we care about their lives, not just their business.” 

Interested in Having Curds & Whey Cater Your Next Event?

Contact Davida at (215) 886-2203.