Abington’s Center School Teachers Deserve the Biggest Thanks

center school teachers
Image via Center School.
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A team of experienced and dedicated teachers is what allows students to experience success every day at Center School. Now, they are honoring Center School teachers for their tireless efforts in educating their students.

The success of their students is a direct result of the expertise of their teachers. Collectively, their teachers boast almost 150 years of experience, with many holding several certifications and degrees.

Seventy percent of their faculty have master’s degrees, seventy-five percent of their faculty are certified in Wilson Reading and/or Orton-Gillingham (a highly specialized type of reading instruction that is extremely effective with Center School students), and one hundred percent of their reading teachers are certified in Wilson Reading and/or Orton-Gillingham, some dual-certified.

On average, their students gain two years of reading growth in a year. This in and of itself is a testament to the breadth of their teachers’ knowledge and their abilities in reaching their students.

Center School’s teachers show a true dedication to the mission of their school. It is not unusual to see them working late hours, working on the weekends, and working in the summer.

Their teachers spend an incredible amount of time planning lessons which are specifically designed and focused to meet their students’ individual strengths and challenges, both academically and socially-emotionally.

Their teachers continually participate in professional development to increase their awareness of the ever-changing educational landscape in order to meet the needs of their students. The foundation of Center School’s programming is a sound curriculum; teachers support this foundation through collaboration and planning, building a sense of camaraderie within the community.

Typically, teachers are thought of only as educators, but their teachers are also fundraisers. Not only do their teachers support events but they host them. Each November, teachers host Designer Bag Bingo which is a very successful fundraiser, raising close to $10,000 last year. This is extremely well-attended due to their efforts and enthusiasm.

Center School teachers are different. They are unique in their commitment and dedication not only to their students but to the institution as a whole.

They are fortunate to have them as part of the Center School family. They thank their teachers for their unwavering belief in their mission and their unending dedication to helping their students realize their potential.

For information about Center School and its teachers visit here.