Hatboro Police Officer Ryan Allen Passes Away From Bee Sting-causing Heart and Brain Trauma


Officer Ryan Allen has passed away from the brain trauma and heart attack that resulted from a bee sting last year, on October 14, 2021, writes the 6abc Digital Staff in a new report.

Today, James Gardner, Hatboro Police Chief, announced that Officer Allen passed away, surrounded by his friends and family.

“Officer Allen will be deeply missed by not only his family, but by his brothers and sisters in law enforcement and our community,” said Gardner. “Although he fought long and hard, he ultimately could not overcome the damage done to his body as a result of the reaction. “

Officer Allen has been on the Hatboro Police Force since 2013 and helped start Hatboro Police Department’s first police K9 program while serving on the Montgomery County Drug Task Force.

Last month, his wife, Whitney Allen, said that his medical team said “there is no chance that he will recover in any meaningful way and was in a disordered state of consciousness.” After his hospitalization, the Montgomery County community rallied around the Allen family, creating a GoFundMe raising more than $110,000.

Arrangements by the family will be planned at a later time for Officer Ryan Allen.

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