Check Out Where the Average Tax Refund in Montco Ranks in Pennsylvania

tax refund
Image via Pexels.

To determine the places where people receive the largest tax refunds, SmartAsset divided the total amount of money refunded to residents by the number of refunds given out in each county.

Montgomery County has topped the list of the counties that receive the highest average tax refunds in Pennsylvania, according to a recently released annual study by SmartAsset.

According to 2022 data, Montgomery County ranked first in the Keystone State with an average tax amount refunded of $3,018 and a taxes refunded index of 19.26. This put the county at No. 694 nationwide.

The number of taxpayers who received refunds in the county is 293,150.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County is also among the top five counties in Pennsylvania where taxpayers owe the most, having ranked in third place with a taxes owed index of 19.79. An average tax amount owed is $7,961, with 104,880 taxpayers owing taxes. This put the county at No. 132 nationwide.

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