What Began as a Side Hustle in Jenkintown 22 Years Ago Has ‘Just Blown Up’


The Cheesecake Lady in Elkins Park is run by Brittany Jackson, who took over the popular store from her mother, Vanessa, writes Morgan Dougherty for PHL17.

The older Jackson started the business 22 years ago in Jenkintown and is currently opening a new location in Norfolk, Virginia. She tried a cheesecake for the first time in her 30s and loved it so much that she decided to make some at home, to the delight of her family and friends.

Soon everybody wanted to try her cheesecake, which was the start of her success.

“I feel like a lot of people can relate to my mom’s story,” said Jackson. “Being a single mother for a portion of her life, she was able to make ends meet by doing what you would call a side hustle or a small business on the side that just blew up.”

The Elkins Park location produces more than 50 different flavors of miniature cheesecakes. The store’s popularity surged in 2020 when people lined up down the block to buy these heavenly desserts.

Jackson’s mother even published a recipe book to help people make her famous cheesecakes at home.

Read more about The Cheesecake Lady at PHL17.

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