Three Montgomery County Schools are Among 10 Most Expensive Universities in the Philly Region

university students
Image via Pexels.

Attending college in Montgomery County can be on the expensive side, with tuitions at some of the prominent universities costing well above $70,000, writes Jordan Levy for Billy Penn.

Three local schools are among the ten most expensive prominent universities in the region, with Bryn Mawr College coming highest in third place.

Yearly student costs at the college that has an endowment of $1.2 billion rounds out at nearly $76,000. The tuition itself for 2022-23 is $58,000 while room and board starts at $18,000. The school has 77 percent of students who are on financial aid.

Saint Joseph’s University is also on the list in fifth place with yearly costs of $63,000. The school has an endowment of $305 million. Tuition for 2021-22 was $48,000, while room and board started at $14,500. Sixty-one percent of the university’s students are on financial aid.

Arcadia University rounds out the list in sixth place with around $60,000 in yearly costs. The school has a more modest endowment of $81.5 million, tuition for 2022-23 of $46,430, and room and board that start at $13,700. Ninety-nine percent of students are on financial aid.

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