Healthy Kids Running Series is Helping Bring Positive Lifestyles to Children and Families Across The Nation

Healthy Kids Running
Image via Healthy Kids Running Series.

Healthy Kids Running Series introduces children to a healthy active lifestyle in a fun, inspiring way, all by starting with one activity: running. Founded in 2009, Healthy Kids Running Series is a national, community-based non-profit that provides an inclusive five-week running series for boys and girls ages 2-14, laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with an empowering “Get Up and Go” attitude.

“It’s a safe, healthy environment for kids to become interested in running and realize how fun being active really can be,” says Tamara Conan, Vice President of Healthy Kids Running Series. “Healthy Kids is designed for children who have no background in running whatsoever. You can have a child that has never run before or has no experience in racing, they come and try this for the first time and fall in love with it. That’s the best part about it.”

With over 250 course locations across the country, parents have the ability to locate their local community race by visiting the Healthy Kids Running Series website and clicking on Find a Race. Race seasons take place in the spring and fall, with spring registration open now through mid-May. Once signed up, kids not only get to partake in a five-week running Series but also receive a handful of helpful resources to live a complete healthy lifestyle.

“During the pandemic, we created an interactive guide which is included in the Series registration,” said Tamara. “This interactive guide is about stretching, healthy eating, mental health, physical activity, the proper formation of how to run— all types of helpful resources. Now, more than ever, learning how important being active is and being outside is essential. It’s a prescription in itself, really. We want to create this overall healthy lifestyle for all of our runners.”

Aligning with one of their values of kindness, Healthy Kids Running Series is one of the most inclusive running organizations in the nation and takes pride in its Challenger Division which gives children living with disabilities the opportunity to participate in all of the wonderful benefits that Healthy Kids Running Series offers.

“It really teaches the kids that not all of us are the same and that’s the beautiful part about life,” said Tamara. “It also teaches them that they are all working towards different goals as well as how to try something new and believe in themselves.”

In addition to being a wonderful opportunity for children, Healthy Kids Running Series expands to creating a healthy lifestyle for the entire family— including parents and caregivers.

“We have a parent run on Week 5 of our Series,” said Tamara. “The parents love getting involved! They are doing it because they want to set an example for their child that they too are learning to Get Up and Go!”

Interested in learning more? Check out to Find a Race nearest you today!

Become A Community Coordinator!

Each Healthy Kids Running Series race is coordinated by a member of the community who believes in this wonderful organization. It’s the Community Coordinators who enable Healthy Kids Running Series races to happen! If you are interested in becoming a Community Coordinator, visit and click the “Start A Race” button for more resources and details.

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