Philadelphia Native Writes Book About Overcoming Burnout and Fatigue Due to Hustle Culture

tired as fxck caroline donner
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Philadelphia-native and 2006 graduate of Agnes Irwin School Caroline Dooner recently authored a book titled Tired As F*ck: Burnout at the Hands of Diet, Self-Help, and Hustle Culture. The book documents Dooner’s path as she made changes to live a more restful life amidst America’s hustle culture, reports Laura Brzyski for Philadelphia Magazine.

According to Dooner, several years ago she found herself extremely burned out. She was taking on too many things and saying yes to doing things she didn’t really want to do out of fear she would miss out on life.

“I decided I was going to change the things I didn’t want or have to do,” Dooner said. “What had been weighing me down and exhausting me was not just physically doing things, but also putting undue pressure on myself and feeling guilty if I did take time to myself.”

The first thing Donner did was move out of New York City and back to her hometown of Philadelphia where she knew she could afford to live a life where she had time and space to rest.

“In the day-to-day, I said no to a LOT of socializing. had a hard time saying no to socializing because I had this fear that life would just pass me by and people wouldn’t want to hang out if I declined a night out,” Donner said. “In actuality, my friends totally understood that I needed to carve out more downtime for myself.”

Donner learned how to discern between what opportunities she wanted to say yes to and what she wanted to decline – and how to work through any guilt that might come up if she did say know.

“What I knew I needed to learn — and I think what many others living in our hustle culture would benefit from, too — is how to operate in the world in a more restful, compassionate way, rather than using things (i.e., social media, dieting, alcohol) to escape,” she said.

Donner’s new book, Tired As F*ck, chronicles more of Donner’s reflections during her two years spent of “radical rest” and offers some suggestions to others looking to help themselves with their own feelings of burnout and exhaustion.

“Rest isn’t earned; we all deserve it,” said Dooner.

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