Meet the Brilliant and Creative Founder of Manayunk’s Paint School of Makeup, Beke Beau

Paint School of Makeup, Beke Beau
Image via Paint School of Makeup, Beke Beau.

Beke Beau is a skilled makeup artist with a fascinating career and the founder of the Paint School of Makeup in Manayunk. She has a strong passion for women’s fashion and loves to share her personal tips and tricks with others, reports Eileen Smith Dallabrida for Main Line Today.

Beau got into fashion when she was young, and took inspiration from various fashion magazines to help her bolster her style.

“I started reading Vogue while I was backstage on breaks in my rock-band days,” Beau recalled. “Whatever I didn’t have access to, I’d try to make myself. I recall a pleather miniskirt that fit really well, but the zipper was a disaster.”

At the same time, Beau really got into makeup.

“At first, makeup was a godsend because I could use it to cover up my acne,” she said. “Then it became fun to experiment for stage and cultivate my ingenuity with the stuff.”

That passion for fashion and makeup was something Beau was able to eventually transform into a career, with Beau having worked with superstar clients such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Miller, and John Travolta.

Her latest venture has brought her back to Montgomery County as she founded the Paint School of Makeup in Manayunk to help people become professional makeup artists like herself.

“Trends and seasons exist to help sell you makeup,” is Beau’s makeup tip for women. “Ignore them and learn to use what’s right for you personally.

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