Absence of West Chester’s Bam Margera Acutely Felt in New Jackass Movie

Image via the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Bam Margera.

While the new movie Jackass Forever has received good reviews and has been doing well at the box office, the absence of West Chester’s Bam Margera is acutely felt, writes Nick Vadala for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Margera, a former mainstay on the cast, was supposed to be part of the movie, but he was fired by Paramount Pictures after he allegedly broke a “wellness agreement” in his contract. Under the agreement, he had to undergo regular drug and alcohol tests. One of the tests found he had been taking Adderall.

However, Margera claims he has a prescription for the drug.

So, while he does have a brief cameo in the movie, Jackass Forever carried on without him. His absence is felt in the lack of the anarchic feeling in the move. The stunts in the movie feel significantly more controlled, more considered, and more professional.

They are a far cry from the bad behavior that can be found on CKY videos made primarily in Chester County that morphed into the Jackass franchise in 2000. The movie is missing the suburban mayhem that was integral to the franchise’s beginnings.

Read more about Bam Margera and the Jackass franchise in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


This video might be NSFW, and please don’t ever try any of these stunts, ever!

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