Philly Tech Trends: Office Lobbies Get Little-Noticed Security Makeover

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While the number of Covid cases is thankfully diminishing, do not expect workplaces to take their health precautions any more lightly when you return to the office. As reported by the New York Times recently, while workers have been remote and away, companies have been busy ensuring that the modern office will be much more contact-free.

For instance, this includes getting rid of the standard ID badges that have long determined a person’s access to various parts of the building. In lieu of this, more workplaces are now looking to implement apps that contain all of that same information and more.

This effectively turns your phone into your new ID badge and can be utilized to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission, as well as create more security checkpoints.

For example, now instead of just using your ID to get into the building, you might even need your digital ID to make the elevators or turnstiles function. And the app will also contain information regarding your vaccination status so that nobody who could be a health liability is able to cause a contagion concern.

Furthermore, such apps can also track where you are in the building. This allows those monitoring that information to ensure nobody without the proper clearance is accessing areas they are not supposed to.

It can also help security become aware if too many people are gathering in a single location, thus creating a social distancing concern. Now security can preempt such a situation and redirect workers away from areas with too many people gathered.

Other changes could include temperature scanners and air sensors being installed in discreet locations. This can help those monitoring the system to determine if someone is well enough to be in the building, or if a room is receiving enough ventilation for the number of people occupying it.

Naturally, it is up to each company’s discretion how many of these systems they wish to integrate, and that decision could very well come down to cost. So this does not necessarily mean every workplace will be seeing these changes.

However, if your organization has mentioned anything about increased safety protocols upon the return of workers, this could be what they are alluding to.

To learn more about the security changes transpiring at the workplace, get more details from the New York Times here.


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