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Many people are not the biggest fans of virtual events, having experienced attempts at virtual interaction that are either lacking or feel gimmicky. But advances are constantly being made to improve upon that, with Zoom unveiling its latest in the form of Expo.

A new post from Zoom delves into what this offers, but here are some of the big highlights.

As the name suggests, this feature aims at simulating the expo floor experience for digital attendees. For you as the event host, it allows you to create a floor where sponsors are divided into “booths” that attendees can click on to request a conversation with that individual.

And as with a booth in real life, the sponsor might already have other people at their booth, so they can allow the attendee to join in on the conversation, or create a separate one-on-one room to chat with them simultaneously.

If you are one of the attendees, then just like a live expo, you also have the ability to see who else is checking out the event and request to initiate a conversation with them. Sometimes the best connections you make at events are not with the speakers, but the other guests, and Zoom is aware of that.

You also don’t have to worry about the awkwardness of joining a booth’s conversation only to realize the topic isn’t what you wanted to discuss. You can preview the conversation happening at a booth before joining so you can get a feel if that is a talk you want to contribute to.

Finally, setting up the event as the host has been simplified thanks to quick options such as templates to expedite the process. Or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can customize the details to your preference. You have the ability to add over 100 booths to your expo, providing attendees with plenty to take part in.

If you have been craving an improvement upon how virtual events work, try out Expo to see all the new ideas Zoom is bringing to the table.

To learn more about the capabilities of Zoom’s Expo and how it could be of use to you, check out Zoom’s post about it here.


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