Career Corner: 5 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job

Frustrated at work

A grueling workweek can leave you getting off your shift feeling like you never want to go back there. For most people, that feeling fades after some rest and relaxation.

But if it’s sticking around, it’s worth examining whether you have a legitimate reason to consider leaving for good.

The site My Life I Guess shared some of the best genuine reasons to consider leaving your job. Here are some of the most common of the bunch.

You Have Better Opportunities

This is probably the best reason you could ask to leave your current role. If a more prestigious job with a higher salary has been offered to you, nobody will fault you for wanting to move up the ladder.

The Commute is Too Arduous

Maybe you were fine taking on a lengthier commute than you wanted when starting at this position, but over time it has worn you down. That is a legitimate complaint, as those hours in the car add up over a year.

If you want more time to actually enjoy life rather than driving back and forth, searching for a job with a shorter commute is understandable.

You’re Ready for a New Career

It is never too late to say your current career isn’t for you. If what you wound up doing doesn’t spark your passion anymore, don’t feel stuck in a career path you don’t want. It’s a big decision, but an okay one to make.

You Want to Live Somewhere Else

Maybe it is not the job you have grown to dislike, but your location. Unless your job is willing to let you work remotely (which is a good question to ask) then if you plan to move you should probably start scouting new jobs for wherever you plan on living.

Workplace Issues Are Making You Miserable

This is another very good reason to leave, but for much less fortunate circumstances. If your coworkers are just consistently mean people, that is extra emotional labor for you to endure. Everyone has a breaking point, and maybe the nastiness is no longer worth the paycheck for you.

Ignoring any of these reasons will likely only cause resentment to build towards your current position, so it is worth taking the time to explore whether they are reason enough to move on.

For the other 7 reasons My Life I Guess came up with for why you should consider leaving your job, read the post from their site here.



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