Philly Tech Trends: How Zoom Phone Helps Keep Your Communications Secure and Compliant

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When it comes to communicating digitally, most people are just focused on wanting it to be convenient. Concerns about security often don’t become a priority until after something bad has already happened.

While people associate Zoom with its video capabilities, Zoom Phone is also a great option for regular calls. Not only is it convenient, but it has many features to keep others from getting hold of information within your conversations. Zoom recently posted an article about Zoom Phone security benefits, but here are some of the highlights.

For starters, Zoom Phone has multiple layers of encryption, depending on your needs. One of the new features Zoom is rolling out this year is end-to-end encryption that you will have the option to upgrade to. In the past, this feature was only available for meetings, but it is being added to Zoom Phone to provide you further security.

You also have the ability to mask your caller ID number for outgoing calls. This can be useful if you ever have to use your personal devices for business purposes, but want to ensure your privacy is protected.

Zoom Phone even uses a feature called toll fraud which will automatically check for if there are any unusual deviations from your usual calling patterns. This helps protect you from people who could use illicit measures to access your line to either stick you with the bill or conduct illegal activity using your line.

Some features provide both security and convenience, such as Zoom Phone’s ability to record calls. This is nice for sensitive matters that you want to ensure you have documented, but it is also handy if you are doing work that requires you to take notes from your interaction.

Zoom is constantly updating their services to not only enable you to communicate with ease, but to do so with peace of mind.

For the full rundown on why you should be using Zoom Phone, read the post from Zoom’s own site here.


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