Montgomery County Community College Expands Music Studio with Genelec Immersive Sound System

Image via ProSound News, MCCC.
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Montgomery County Community College has an excellent audio-production program, but its studio is only getting better thanks to a recent expansion, reports ProSound News.

The college’s studio was designed by industry leaders Walters-Storyk Design Group and opened in 2018.

The most recent addition to the studio was an immersive-sound system from Dolby Atmos with a Genelec 7.1.4 monitoring array.

The whole setup was installed by MCCC’s Sound Recording and Music Technology Director David Ivory and Vinson Tomas, the Studio Engineer.

“I love Genelec, and always have,” said Ivory. “They’re not merely speakers – they’re true monitors, for you to monitor the sound in a specific and literal way. I’ve always been a fan and wherever I’ve worked, I’ve used Genelecs.”

Since coming to work at MCCC, Ivory has overseen the curriculum for the program as well as been in charge of the technology for the campus’ Advanced Technology Center. This has included electronic music and computer labs that are all equipped with Genelec speakers.

But it’s not just the high-quality sound that makes Genelec so appealing. It’s also the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) system which makes it easy to manage everything from a single interface.

“For an immersive monitoring environment, GLM is invaluable,” said Ivory. “To me, Genelec is the only way to do immersive sound — and the only way to teach it.”

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