Career Corner: Keep Your Job Search Moving Forward — Even if Recruiters Ignore You

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You can do everything right in your job application and still have it not be enough. Despite submitting a taut, qualified resume, and a well-written, personalized cover letter, you can just wind up with no response.

After a few weeks of waiting, you realize the company has decided to ignore you. And they are far from the first to do it.

Despite how this makes you feel, oftentimes getting ignored by jobs is not your fault. It’s not that you did anything wrong, but rather that the company is so overwhelmed by applicants.

Still, that does not lessen the sting of not even getting a response. The Wall Street Journal did an article full of advice from career coaches on how to avoid allowing being ignored to stamp out your motivation.

The first recommendation is to learn to accept you won’t always get a response and don’t take it personally.

But if you really felt you were a strong fit for the role, you can try following up in a way that demonstrates your interest in the company. Maybe mention something you saw them in the news for in your response to show you are keeping up with them.

Experts also say you should not be stringent about only using emails. We have so many digital platforms nowadays, and others might yield more success.

Sometimes thinking outside the box pays off. Maybe you can connect with the company manager on Twitter or Instagram if you have a professional account there.

Also, many are well aware that plenty of companies use applicant tracking systems. These systems automatically weed out candidates that don’t check enough of the boxes the company programmed it to look for.

Experts say that rather than fight this trend, use the qualifications listed on the application to find the keywords the company wants. Implement those adjectives into your resume to increase your chances of beating the tracking system and getting in front of the eyes of an actual person. Doing this will dramatically boost your chances.

For more you can do to stay motivated while looking for your next job, read the Wall Street Journal article here.



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