Legal Matters: 4 Things You Better Ask Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney

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By Liz Billies

1) How much of the lawyer’s practice is devoted to family law? 
Many attorneys consider themselves “general practitioners.” As such, they handle all kinds of cases, such as personal injury, criminal matters, wills, etc.

While many of these attorneys are knowledgeable and devoted to getting the best resolution for their clients, these general practitioners are sometimes unaware of recent updates in the family law field, and as a result, they’re generally less experienced in unusual family law issues. Before you choose the right divorce lawyer for your case, review his or her bio to see if they specialize in family law.

2) Does the lawyer’s practice style align with your goals? What kind of lawyer do you want?
Think of it like dating, though who wants to think about dating when you’re getting divorced, right?  Still, the analogy works here – and not all first dates end in true love. If you don’t think an attorney is the right lawyer for you, then you’re best served to talk to others.

3) Did the lawyer make you feel comfortable during your initial consult?  
Simply put: did you like the lawyer during your initial contact with him or her… and do you trust them to represent you? On average, most divorce cases take approximately a year from start to finish. So it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time with your divorce lawyer. You don’t want someone you don’t like or, more importantly, someone you don’t trust knowing detailed information about you and your family. Far better to move on.

4) Was the attorney referred to you by a former client or a trusted advisor? 
Just like a great hairdresser or a general contractor, the best recommendations for the right divorce lawyer can often come from those who have seen him or her in action. If you have an accountant, therapist, life coach, or other professional whom you trust, ask him or her for a recommendation. They often work with divorce attorneys, witness client interactions and the results achieved.

If you don’t have someone to ask, that’s okay. However, make sure you review the lawyer’s bio and be ready to ask questions about their expertise.


Elizabeth J. Billies, Partner

Liz practices all areas of family law, including but not limited to, preparing pre-and post-nuptial agreements, obtaining no-fault and fault divorces, as well as litigating and settling equitable distribution, custody, and support matters.

Her clients value her collaborative and cost-effective approach to legal representation. Liz strives to resolve all matters expeditiously and efficiently while maintaining a high level of compassion and attention to detail.

If you have a divorce or family law question, please contact a member of our team or call 215.362.2474.

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