Villanova Businessman and Philanthropist Harry R. Halloran Jr. Dies at 82

Philanthropist Harry Halloran Jr.
Image via the Family, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Philanthropist Harry R. Halloran Jr.

Harry Halloran Jr. from Villanova, an experienced businessman, theologist, and devoted philanthropist passed away at his home in December, at the age of 82 due to complications of a stroke, writes Gary Miles for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Driven by his desire to better the world, Halloran used his West Conshohocken-based Halloran Philanthropies to help fund the research to aid in the improvement of what he described as “the human condition across various areas of health, education, and livelihood.”

Halloran Philanthropies, which Halloran founded in 2007 along with fellow businessman and philanthropist Tony Carr, received the World Betterment Award from the Quality of Life Institute in 2016.                           

The chairman and chief executive of American Refining Group, a manufacturer of petroleum extracts, Halloran was a fierce supporter of renewable energy sources.

He also founded Energy Unlimited Inc.; Frontier Wind LLC; and ARB, a green technology investment firm. While at Energy Unlimited, he worked on and managed several wind energy projects.

“He was a big thinker and a kind soul,” said Halloran’s son Neil. “He pursued so many interests, launched so many ventures, and impacted so many lives.”

Halloran is survived by his wife, children, two brothers, 10 grandchildren, and many other relatives.

Read more about Harry Halloran Jr.’s life in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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