A New You In ’22: Start With a Desales University One Credit Workshop

Get a taste of MBA course work. one credit class
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Get a taste of MBA course work with 1-credit classes.
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Give yourself a new start in January of ‘22, enroll in a DeSales University’s 1-credit course today! 

The DeSales University MBA program is proud to announce its next series of 1-credit courses geared toward the working professional. 

Voice of the Customer” will teach you how to capture, analyze and report on customer feedback – expectations, likes, and dislikes associated with their company service and product.

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a key element in the development of the core business strategy for most companies.

This holds true for both internal (employees) and external (clients/patrons) customers of an organization. The VOC captures customer feedback concerning their experiences with and their expectations of an organization’s processes, products, and or services.

This information is then used for strategic planning, as well as for continuous improvement and innovation design purposes. It is a critical quantitative and qualitative tool that exudes great power in shaping performance and satisfaction. Students will learn how to gather, analyze and report on customer feedback – expectations, likes, and dislikes associated with their company.

The course is offered over two weekends beginning January 22, 2022, and ending February 5, 2022. The course is offered as a FLEX class, on campus, and the opportunity to join in via Zoom. 

Then beginning February 19, 2022, “Managing Change” will train you how to introduce change, overcome resistance to change, and facilitate open and honest change communication, in order to implement changes with a minimum amount of conflict and reduce periods of low productivity. 

Taking this 1-credit workshop you will: 

  1. Explain the various models, strategies, and approaches to managing change.
  2. Follow a process for planning, implementing, and communicating change to employees.
  3. Use tools and techniques to help manage and lead change.
  4. Identify ways to influence change at every level of the organization.
  5. Employ strategies to help oneself and others deal with change-related stress.

Want to learn more? 

Go to 1-credit course offerings to sign up today, and treat yourself to a DeSales University education.