Conshohocken’s Cigar Republic Hits the Perfect Notes of Refinement and Pleasure

cigar republic
Images via Cigar Republic.

Right before COVID-19 chased us all into our homes, Joe Giorno and his partners, The Scipioni Brothers of Atlantic Cigars, the owners of Conshohocken’s Cigar Republic had one thing on their minds when they set out to design and open the area’s premier cigar smoking experience: cleaner air.

That’s something we can all relate to, but as a cigar bar owner, cleaner air is something that makes the cigar bar experience that much better and much more enjoyable

“We installed a filtration system right before COVID, with great technology,” Joe says. “We designed a custom system that includes 4 different technologies working together.  The system filters the air 18 times an hour throughout each room while at the same time neutralizing smoke odor, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses.”

The result: a practically smoke-free environment, which is perfect because the Cigar Republic is so much more than just a bar.

Their mixologists create perfect cocktails to complement their incredible selection of cigars, with large pours and high-end well names as well as the very best products and services in a relaxed high-end friendly lounge atmosphere.

The Conshohocken Cigar Republic location has a retail area and cigar humidor which is open to the public and a private lounge area for members-only totaling 5,000 square feet.

“Conshohocken is a walking town, Joe says, and his patrons like being in the middle of the action, as well as enjoying a cigar in the cleanest air possible not usually found in a cigar bar”

cigar republic

Their members can sit back in a comfortable leather chair and savor a fine cigar and a cocktail, beer, wine, or Lavazza coffee while enjoying many amenities like watching the game on flat-screen televisions, live music, or relaxing and enjoying friends.

The Cigar Republic also offers multiple membership options such as individual memberships, corporate memberships, and booklet Lounge Passes for people traveling into the Philadelphia vicinity from other areas outside the geographic area for business, friends, and family visits. 

For information about memberships and to learn more about the Cigar Republic located in Conshohocken please call them at 610-553- 4TCR (4827) or visit them here.