Ardmore’s Music Lounge, Living Room, Offers a Cozy Space to Enjoy Local Music Performances

the living room
Images via Living Room.

Singer and songwriter Laura Mann recently opened her second music venue in the Ardmore area at 35 East Lancaster Avenue called the Living Room. This musical hotspot is a great place for locals to catch a show from talented artists from all over, writes Michael Bradley for Main Line Today.

Living Room hat

Mann’s original Living Room on Lancaster Ave. didn’t survive COVID because Mann couldn’t afford the rent costs, but she didn’t want to let her dream space become a thing of the past.

“I didn’t give up,” Mann said. “I was still going to re-open.”

After taking a break, she eventually was able to find a new space to rent not too far from her Ardmore home in the Cassia Lodge & Masonic Hall. The space can hold 300 people and has several ways to enjoy a show, from cozy couches to traditional standing areas.

“People love the fact that you can go sit on a couch with a bottle of wine and listen to your favorite artist,” Mann said. “Nobody else around here is doing that.”

While the venue doesn’t have a liquor license, people are allowed to bring their own drinks that can be paired with nonalcoholic beverages and various comfort foods like grilled cheese sandwiches or they can pick from the dessert menu.

The performers that take the stage at the Living Room are diverse and eclectic, varying from solo acts, to duos, to full bands. But one thing is for sure, the Living Room offers a uniquely intimate viewing experience for music lovers in the Ardmore area.

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