Abington Friends School Takes Learning and Values Beyond Graduation with AFSconnect

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At Abington Friends School, their goal is to cultivate fearless learning and show that education has a true purpose.

But this learning and drive for fearless learning doesn’t stop when a student graduates from AFS. AFS students continue that drive into adulthood, showing the world that AFS students can change it.

Within the worlds of politics, business, and sports, AFS students are making great strides and impacting the world around them, thanks to their foundation at AFS.

Sophie Waldman, an alum of AFS, recently developed an interest in cryptocurrency and was able to help create cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Token projects over the summer. She is a student at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management studying finance and entrepreneurship & emerging enterprises and makes it her own ‘currency’ to stay on top of current financial events.

Brian S. is an alum who started his own financial planning business with Northwestern Mutual. Brian says, “I enjoyed my time at AFS and I know the kind of smart and forward thinkers this school creates.”

Abington Friends School rolled out a platform called AFSconnect, where the school hopes it will create a valuable network for all of their alumni, students, and supporters of AFS, empowering them to connect and engage with each other, and integrating their Quaker values into the workplace one alum at a time.

“This online network is rooted in providing professional and social value to our alumni community regardless of their current geography. We are excited about all the possibilities and opportunities to collaborate with alumni on this new platform which is accessible from any device,” said Lisa Budd, Director of Alumni Engagement.

Jared Solomon is a graduate of the AFS class of 1997, as well as a graduate of Swarthmore College and Villanova Law School.

Currently, he is a community leader, attorney, and Army Reserve JAG officer. In 2016, he was elected to serve his first term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

Kendall Hodges, class of ’19, is currently a sophomore at Montclair State University, where she is part of the women’s basketball team and lead them to the conference championship game last season.

Another factor to AFSconnect is to network and become a mentor to their graduating students.

At Abington Friends School, the education doesn’t end with graduation day. Their Quaker values and strong ties to the school and each other last long after the students have grown up.

Learn more about AFSconnect and Abington Friends School here.