Career Corner: 2022 Top Paying Gig Jobs

AirBnB apartment

If you are looking to make some extra cash, gigs and side hustles are more common than ever today.

If you search, you can find side gigs in just about anything, but not all of them are worth your time.

The site The Ways to Wealth did a breakdown of many of the highest paying gigs you can find in 2022, and here are the best of the bunch:


If you want a workout and a payday, try working for Dolly to get paid $20 per hour to carry everything from groceries to furniture for people.

Education First

If you don’t quite want to be a teacher but still have some knowledge you’re able to share, you can make $20 an hour as a tutor.


If you know how to fix up a car, YourMechanic can earn you $40 an hour to go to people’s homes to repair their vehicles.


Do you ever feel like you should get paid for all the computer advice people come to you for? You can do just that at HelloTech, making $50 per hour.


Soothe allows you to be an on-the-go massage therapist, earning $60 an hour provided you have a license and a portable massage table.


Maybe your kid moved off to college and you have some spare space in the home now. Renting it out as an Airbnb can make you on average around $500 a month.


A bit like Uber, except you don’t need to drive anyone. Turo just allows you to rent your car out and can put an average of around $540 extra in your pocket each month.


Do you have an RV you aren’t currently using? Turn it into a side gig and rent it out for between $75 and $300 a day.


Like Lyft, except for your boat. Rent out your sea vessel either with you as captain or just the boat itself. Pay varies heavily, but renting out a watercraft for the day can earn you a lot.


Similar to Airbnb, except you are renting out the entire house as a vacation home. The amount you earn will depend on the size of the home, and if it’s a prime location.

Many of these gigs are passive income that won’t require extra effort on your end, so maybe it’s time to look into starting your side gig.

To see the full list of gigs for more ideas to consider, check out the post from The Ways to Wealth by clicking here.



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