Career Corner: The Best 2022 New Year’s Career Resolutions You Can Make

Career Resolutions

You can break bad habits or set new goals at any time, but many people view the start of a new year as the inspiration they need to start making changes. In addition to your health and your family, one of the best changes you can focus on is your career.

Maybe you already have some solid career goals in mind for 2022, or maybe you still need some help figuring out some positive new routines.

Over on Forbes Caroline Ceniza-Levine shares what some of your top career resolutions should be.

Assess Your Priorities

Saying you want to advance your career is vague. To do so, you need to think through what tangible steps you need to take to get where you want to be.

Learn When to Say No

People will take as much as you will let them, so it has to be you who is willing to say no. Don’t keep taking on more at work when you already have too much on your plate.

Promote Yourself

Nobody knows what you get done better than you, so don’t forget to share it to build your reputation. Promote your accomplishments, both on career sites like LinkedIn, and in person at the office.

Build Your Network

Having solid connections will always make your next career step easier. If you want to advance to another field, start networking now at events and online.

Examine Your Methods

The ends don’t always justify the means. Sure, you might be getting all your work done, but is your process depriving you of sleep, money, or peace of mind?

Be Adaptable

The plans we make don’t always come to fruition. Don’t become so dead set on your initial goal that you miss opportunities for other good things.

A new year won’t bring changes unless you start new habits, so it is time to start figuring out what you need to do differently now so you can get where you want to be.

To read the full list of resolutions you can make for your career, read the article from Forbes here.



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